Learn The Success Strategies To Getting Funding Approval

Funded First teaches you how to be build your business profile, craft your loan, and submit your application to lending institutions.

Learn the basic foundation of financing and profitable sales

Get advice on how to find the right program for your particular business

Find out how to increase your chances for bank lending approval

Carefully Crafted Strategies

Funded First has worked with hundred’s of business owners in a wide range of industries. The carefully crafted strategies of Funded First can help any owner from retailers, service professionals, technology firms to government contractors and medical companies. Whether you are running a startup or an already successful company looking to expand the content and strategies provided by Funded First will have you on your way to achieving your goals.

Here's How One Production Company Used Financing To Scale Their Business

Ms. Williams who runs a video production company was able to get $125k for audio visual equipment and extend her business services to teach students about film-making.

Looking For That 2nd Location For A Growing Business?

Alex M. obtained $1.375 million to finance a commercial real estate property so that he could open a second restaurant in New York.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

During our coaching sessions, we will examine the type of growth strategies that exist, determine your business profitability, establish business partnership, and expedite application submission processing.

"Funded First helped me to secure $50k in open lines of credit and expand my construction business through government contracting" - Roger P.

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