Getting Funding To Expand Your Business

You realize you need to spend money on a few things to expand your business but have no idea how to get it done without new funding….

Everyone wants to know: How much money can I get, How fast can get it, and How much is it going to cost me?


  • Using your personal credit cards to fund your business and are tired of paying high credit card fees and damaging your personal credit.
  • Your company is already profitable but you are stuck and your business isn’t growing.
  • You have a detailed plan for how you can expand but can’t afford to pay for the resources to take action.
  • Feeling like you are begging for money every time you consider applying for a loan.
    Wasting time looking for investors when you would prefer to just get a loan and keep 100% of your successful company.

Most entrepreneurs have lots of ideas on how to grow their business but lack the funding to implement their plans. Everyone knows that they can go to get a bank loan but have you ever experienced the agony of putting together a lengthy loan application only to get rejected after having waited patiently for weeks or even months?!?

Most people don’t realize that there are specific steps that can dramatically accelerate their chances of getting funded.

Want to learn 3 tips to boost your chances of getting funding?

  1. It all starts by going to the right lenders with the right application package the first time
  2. By understanding a lender’s decision process you can get prepared and learn WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR
  3. Create a funding strategy for ongoing access to capital as you expand and reach new milestones.

With a good funding strategy, you can avoid being another failed entrepreneur who:

  • Struggles to grow your business and has to consider going back to a J-O-B.
  • Is buried under a mountain of personal debt when trying to grow their company.
  • Nervous because you used your personal home as collateral.

There are certain things that can help you present your business favorably. You want to show your revenue plans and address any issues relating to poor credit, no collateral, or being a start-up company. If you get this right, you will easily increase your chances of getting funded.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could create the best profile for your business BEFORE you submitted the loan application? It is like getting an answer key to a test so you can pass the final exam with flying colors. You want to get to a YES as soon as possible so you can focus on growing your business again.

We explain the process of what goes on within the black box that bankers will NEVER tell you.


  • Use your personal credit cards to fund your business
  • Try to get investors to give you capital for things that a loan could take care of
  • Stay frustrated that time is passing and your business is staying stagnant
  • Miss out on great opportunities for new revenue because you can’t get the financing in place to grow

Join us for a quick webinar where we share a formula to get business loans starting from $10,000 up to $1 million within 1-3 weeks to help grow your business… Even if you have been denied before:

  • Learn about various types of loans and private lenders
  • Check out a business profile cheat sheet
  • Sample loan applications that you can model
  • Loan application checklist
  • Things to say and things not to say on application
  • Access to a credit repair program, where a specialist will work with you 1 on 1 to improve your credit
  • Immediate access to our database of private lenders and funders who have approved over $100million dollars in business loans each year with the average size of loans being between $50k and $250k.

In a matter of days, you nail down a lending strategy and experience faster approval rates for larger sums of money than you were able to access before.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs have used our methods to get funding. Now you can afford the resources you need to grow your business and take it to higher levels of success.

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